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WIKI HOW - Twitter

WIKI HOW - WhatsApp

WIKI HOW - Facebook

WIKI HOW - Photography

WIKIHOW - How to write a compelling story

Twitter (and other social media):

Twitter will be used by GF50x50 volunteer activists to find human rights and land-grabbing news of interest and forward this news to other sympathetic activists outside of our GF50x50 network. 

Twitter provides a quick way to receive and spread news, alerts, and opinions on issues like land-grabbing and human rights that need our attention.

Twitter is faster and easier to reach outsiders than other social media.

For Maasai Harmonial activism, I use Twitter:   educated Maasai use Twitter and WhatsApp. They seldom use email because email requires a higher bandwith than most Maasai in remote areas have.

Twitter and WhatsApp are only useful in areas where the locals have cell phones and cell service. 10 years ago, few Maasai people in Tanzania had cell phones, and the WhatsApp groups were very timid, afraid they would be spied on by the government. That has changed for the better.


WhatsApp is also another very quick and useful application, useful for communicating through text and images, and communicating in a focus group. 

Our plan is to get information from Twitter and relay it through WhatsApp.

Email: we will use email list for communicating with our peers in our conservation groups such as the Sierra Club, and to the general public

WikiHow:  We will ask for volunteers to write or find a Wiki on how to use Twitter, WhatsApp, Photography, Facebook and other skills useful for our campaign

Here is a WikiHow for Twitter, but it is full of ads - try to ignore the adds and you can use it to learn how to do Twitter.

Facebook Page: As more and more people volunteer to help, we will recruit managers for Facebook Pages and possibly Instagram 

Photography - Good pictures help 'sell' our issue. However, on-the-ground activists (meaning those at the  scene of action, the "foot soldiers")  seldom are able to take good pictures because they have never been taught photography).

I intend to train grassroots activists in photography through a WhatsApp group. Hopefully we will have a good photographer among our volunteers to help.


Twitter Names (examples)

Karen Pitts - @LoveMaasai 

I suggest that you use a name that addresses the local issues. Choose your area of concern first.

Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris or @VP - US Vice President

Paul Rauber @paulrauber -- Senior editor at Sierra Magazine

@Oleshangay @SusannaN2 @alakara_shayo  @DenisMoses14, @NavayaoleNdasko @JoelMeitaya - Karen Follows (Tanzania)


@AmbreenaManji Professor of law The Struggle for Land and Justice in Kenya

@oryembley Human Rights Watch @hrw

We will keep a list of international twitter names